Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Sneaky

Thank you for shooting down every people-helping world-changing idea I submitted to you. I made the grave mistake of thinking that an anti-poverty anti-homelessness charity actually WANTED to fight poverty and homelessness. You are the embodiment of the religious hypocrite. You are the poster-child of the 'Self-interested, Self-serving Cowards posing a good people of the World.' I hope they gave you a signing bonus for your extreme expertise. But mostly, you are a liar. I am just about done being livid about your 'little mistake' in the job description "Ooops, no, this job isn't permanent, it is temporary, and now it is over, Bye!" I am freaked out, penniless, jobless, and angry, but I am already getting over it. Many other people are much worse off than I am. So, I am going to grab some guts, face up to my unfortunate situation, and then, I am going to go and ACTUALLY CHANGE the world for the BETTER. Things are crumbling and grim. They are scary and hard. But I will survive and do well. Oh, and so will other people who aren't self-serving lazy cowards. You're on your way out buster. No one has time for people like you any more. You are a bad person. I look forward to observing your karmic fall form esteemed position to public spit receptacle.


  1. The executive directors and boards of directors at homelessness/poverty charities know they can't really end homelessness and poverty! Then THEY would be unemployed, homeless and in poverty. Or at least the government and foundation grants would stop padding their slush funds. Didn't you know?

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have found the one